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Keeper of the Light


In 2019, two of my closest friends were processing deep trauma and grief. I found myself at a loss over how to show them love and support - what could I do? 


We shared hours of conversation and tears, often ending in the agonizing question, “when will this get easier?” 


I realized that while there were few actions I could take ease their pain,  I could hold a light for them during their darkest moments. 


I could keep safe their faith for a beautiful future, even on the days when tomorrow felt uncertain. 


And I could carry their hope, when even hope felt too heavy of a burden. 


I wrote Keeper of the Light to symbolize this promise, to give permission for those we love deeply to fall apart while we hold them in love, light, hope, faith, and friendship. 

Later that year, I collaborated with Michelle Myers at Dirt Road Candle Co to add the poem to one of her stunning candles
Over the years we received many requests from customers who loved the candle, but wanted to gift the poem in a different format. Those requests inspired a partnership with Emmetsburg artist Whitney Bjustrom to create this stunnin
g 5.x7 print. 
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