Welcome to Kelly Bay, Inc!

I'm Kelly, and I'm a small business coach specializing in strategic planning and mindset coaching for rural entrepreneurs. I'm a graduate and proud ambassador 

Why rural? Because over a decade ago, my husband and decided that raising our kiddos in my hometown was more important than a little thing like you know, actually having a job in that town. 

Like many homecomers, I started my own business to fill the gap in employment. I spent the next 10 years building that business, and while we made the difficult decision to close during the COVID 19 pandemic, I've never believed more strongly that our communities NEED small business. 

Small businesses bring us together, create a stronger sense of identity and community, and support the local economy. Helping future entrepreneurs turn their dreams into reality and current small business owners make their dreams more profitable is more than a career path, it's my absolute passion.