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Welcome to Kelly Bay, Inc!

I'm Kelly, and I'm a business coach and mindset mentor specializing in strategic planning for current and future entrepreneurs.  I live in rural Iowa with my husband and three kiddos, and in my spare time I enjoy not cleaning my house and showing unwilling participants photos of my two dogs. Sorry, not sorry. 

I started my first business as a massage therapist in 2010 and over the next decade grew it into a multi therapist practice and retail store. Along the way, I learned, and failed, and fell, and got back up again yelling, "hell yes, let's do that again!" SO. MANY. TIMES.  

Through these experiences, I developed a true passion for helping women break through the mental and emotional roadblocks that hold them back from realizing their biggest dreams and reaching their highest potential. And when it comes to small business growth plans, I could brainstorm, strategize, and design growth plans all day long.

I'm a graduate and proud ambassador for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program and hold a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Babson College. 

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