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Welcome to the Five Island Life Foundation Membership Page!

The Five Island Life Foundation is a small business with a BIG mission:  to revitalize downtown Emmetsburg and support local small businesses. This starts with providing immediate assistance to current downtown small business owners, advocating and lobbying to stabilize downtown infrastructure, and creating a strong sense of engagement and belonging by hosting community events.

Want to know more?

Click the Welcome to Five Island Life and 3 Year Action Plan documents below for all of the details bringing this vision to life!

Founding Member


$1000/ Year

{3 Year Commitment}

Supporting Member


$250/ Year

{3 Year Commitment}

Ambassador Member


$500/ Year

{3 Year Commitment}

Contributing Member
{one time donation}

Every dollar makes a difference!

Make a one time donation in any amount to support the Five Island Life Foundation's vision. 

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Every Dollar Makes a Difference. Every Movement Creates an Impact. Meet Our Members.

Blossoming Creations, Emmetsburg IA
Stephanie & Aaron Boes, Iowa City IA
Jamie Gavle, Decorah IA
Matt & Ree Chizek, Emmetsburg IA

Anna Fencroy, Riverside CA
Lisa Oberg, Emmetsburg IA
Kristine Soenen, Cylinder IA
Matt Mundus, Chandler AZ
Joel Ellis, Deadwood SD

Dr. Rachel LePera, Denver CO

Dee & Al Schmitz, Emmetsburg IA

Five Island Lake Patrol, TX, MN, IA, NY, LA, CA

Lisa Barton, Portland ME

Molly Schneider, Cannon Falls MN

JoAnn & Rich Higgins, Emmetsburg IA

Lori Riley, Minneapolis MN

Kathy & Art Raymond, Emmetsburg IA

Deb Winkelblack, Ames IA

Meet Our Members
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