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This package includes six one hour live coaching sessions plus individualized coursework + strategy plans.


Step One: Baseline + Brainstorm. We'll explore where you are in your business, create systems and structures to increase profitability and brainstorm opportunities for growth that don't involve cloning yourself to do twice as much work. 

Step Two: Mindset. You're an established business owner, you've been here before. But big action often means big pushback from your subconscious and suddenly those fears you experienced WAAY back when are rearing their ugly heads. I can't guarantee that it will be easier this time (or next time!), but I can promise you that we'll examine the unhelpful beliefs behind your fears and diffuse them so you can move forward with confidence!

Step Three: Action Plan. Together we'll create a simple, straightforward plan of action detailing your future steps, including the people, resources, and organizations needed to implement your growth strategy, and any necessary changes to current business structures and processes. 

Want to know more? Book your free consultation today to learn more about how this package can be personalized for your unique business needs!

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