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Each step consists of two 45 minute in person or virtual coaching sessions + individualized homework and strategy plan. 

Step 1: Structure. We'll work together to create clearly a defined structure for your dream bringing your business idea into a concrete business or service that can be marketed and sold. $200

Step 2: Mindset. For better or for worse, Step 1 tends to bring out all of the crazy. Anxiety, raw fear, negative self talk, imposture syndrome. The very work that shows us that our dreams are a very possible reality also reminds us that we could fail miserably. Good times. No worries, together we'll uncover and dispel the underlying beliefs that drive these feelings so you can step into entrepreneurship calmly and confidently.$200

Step 3: Action Plan. Together we'll create a simple, straightforward plan of action detailing your future steps, including the people, resources, and organizations needed to put your small business plan into action. $200

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