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Learning to Thrive with ADHD

Last summer I was diagnosed with ADHD.

My aunt was like, “That’s been pretty obvious for years.”

My dad was like, “You get that from your mom’s side.”

And my mom, who is literally the last person on earth who would be diagnosed with ADHD, asked, “That’s great, but why does it matter at this point?”

It was a great question.

For so long, we’ve associated ADHD with hyperactive kids who struggle with focus and learning in the classroom. What good does it do to seek a diagnosis in your 40’s?

Two big reasons:

1. Medication, which literally changed my life.

2. Self acceptance, self confidence, self love. Hearing that my brain simply functions differently was SUCH a relief. Because for years I absolutely believed I was simply a dysfunctional adult who couldn’t fully get her life together.

Honestly, I was pretty angry off after starting medication and realizing how different life could be.

“You mean all of this time it’s been EASY for everyone else to remember to turn off your vehicle off after getting out of it? Let alone memorize your kids’ schedules and activities?!”

It took some time, but I’ve learned to view my differently functioning brain as a gift; and looking back I can see how much this brain has given me.

I don’t notice small details.

Or really even kind of big details. In college I attended the wrong class for the entire winter semester. No one noticed until June when my grades arrived in the mail and I received a big, fat F for the class I was actually registered for.

{Sidenote: College in the 90’s was wild, friends. Our grades arrived twice a year via USPS. }

But this allows me to truly live in the big picture. I see possibilities and opportunities where others can’t. And I can add structure and growth plans to those opportunities like a boss.

Literally like a boss, it’s what I do now.

I’ve got ALL of the ideas and am quick to take action.

You want to start a business? Grow your business? Revitalize your rural community? Create a website? Write a book? Tear the shit out of your carpet and refinish hardwood floors? Drop out of college? Live in a tent?


Clean up and maintenance of above projects not included.

I’m incredibly inclusive and empathetic.

I’ve spent my entire life feeling just BARELY out of place, like everyone around me has access to some secret code I can hear but not understand.

No one else seems to notice, but that feeling drives me to make everyone I meet feel included and important. It busts me out of my comfort zone, leads me to the most amazing people, and allows me to make friends everywhere I go.

So why this long post?

Because I hope you realize that the things that make you different are some of your greatest gifts.

And I hope you’ll seek help if you need it. ADHD has given me so much in this life. But by the time I was diagnosed, it was also bringing me to tears of frustration and self loathing as I just could not keep up with the tasks that appeared so simple for everyone else.

Maybe medication isn’t the answer for you. Maybe your problem isn’t even ADHD.

But reaching out to a medical professional for mental health shouldn’t be something we put off until it’s unmanageable.


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